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Philip participated in pioneering studies of seabird ecology on Ascension as a graduate student from Oxford, and has subsequently taught ornithology, zoology, ecology and evolution at Yale and Edinburgh Universities. He and Myrtle have helped to develop proposals for ecological restoration of Ascension, and their studies of the lava flows and caves showed that the native invertebrate fauna was far richer than previously supposed. On St Helena they have worked specially on fossil birds and subterranean insects. They have delved into the historical records, consulted many other scientists, and searched for and photographed the native plants, birds and invertebrates. They have recently written St Helena and Ascension Island: a natural history and have previously written a book on the natural history of Tenerife. They have undertaken research on many other oceanic islands, including the Azores, Hawaii and Galapagos. Closer to home, they have spearheaded the Carrifran Wildwood project, a visionary grassroots scheme to restore native woodland in a whole valley in the Southern Uplands of Scotland.

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