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Some animals and plants endemic to the islands
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Some St Helena endemic animals

Nesopupa turtoni

Xeropigo tridentiger

Fossil skull of extinct
St Helena Petrel
Pterodroma rupinarum

Remains of Labidura herculeana

Blushing Snail
Succinea sanctaehelenae

endemic Bush Cricket
Phaneracra bartletti

Charadrius sanctaehelenae

Some St Helena endemic plants

Redwood (St Helena Redwood)
Trochetiopis erythroxylon

Babies' Toes
Hydrodea cryptantha

Black Cabbage
Melanodendron integrifolium


False Gumwood
Commidendrum spurium



Bastard Gumwood
Commidendrum rotundifolium

Some Ascension endemic animals

Ascension Frigatebird
Fregata aquila

endemic shrimp
Procaris ascensionis

Giant imagesn
Garypus titanius

Some Ascension endemic plants

Ascension Spurge
Euphorbia origanoides